Sid Vicious Action Man - Vintage Shirt- short sleeves - 40" chest


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"The record shows I struck the blows & did it my way " 
" I was the only guy with any bit of Anarchy left..."
Sid Vicious Action Man Print!  Sid wears 'inverted' swast*ka on his shirt.
Classic print taken from the epic film "The Great Rock & Roll Swindle" -

Vintage short sleeved shirt, in beige with button up collar and elasticated waistband, 

Hand Screenprinted in red and black ink,  by Debden.


As each item is made individually there may be ink splats as part of the design, anarchy in the U.K. ... 


Size and Measurements:


Chest: 40"

(armpit to armpit 23")

Length: 24”

Sleeve Length: 5”


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