Seditionaries Punk Dickens T-shirt


Sizing and Measurements Guide

Vivienne Westwood inspired 'Oliver Twist' // 'Punk Dickens' Printed T-shirt.

Image in full colour* with black ink text front and back.

Printed on a quality white cotton T-shirt. *exact colours vary

Inside Out – all punk T-shirts are turned 'INSIDE OUT', then printed with seams showing. Your Punk item is likely to have ink splats as part of the design, each garment is unique, lucky you, in true Anarchy style... All our Punk stuff is hand screenprinted by Debden in London.

With Anarchist Oliver Twist / Dickens style text on Front & Back of Shirt:

"They are Dickensian - like urchin who with ragged clothes and pock marked faces roam the streets of foggy gas lit London, pillaging and setting fire to buildings, beating up old people with gold chains, f**k*ng the rich up the a**e, causing havoc wherever they go. Some of these ragamuffin gangs jump on tables amidst the charred debris and with burning torches play rock n roll to the screaming delight of the frenzied pissing pogoing mob, shouting and spitting 'anarchy' on e of these gangs call themselves the Sex Pistols,.......etc "



Available Sizes and measurements:

Extra Small (petite)
Chest: 32"-34"
(armpit to armpit: 18")
Short Length: 22"

Chest: 36”
(armpit to armpit 19")
Length: 26”

Fit: Loose

Chest: 38”
(armpit to armpit 21")
Length: 27”

Fit: Loose

Chest: 42"
(armpit to armpit 25")
Length: 31"

 Fit: Loose


(message us to order your size if not available)

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