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Punk Rock Sex

Sex Text Print T-shirt. 


   " I groaned with pain as

   he eased the pressure in 
   removing the thing which
   has split me and then,
   his huge hands grasping
   me at the hips my blonde
   hair forming a pool on the
   dark wood between his feet,
   he raised me to doting love
   soothing the bleeding lips
   and causing the tearing
   commotion at my lions to
   subside in a soft corrosion " 

Hand Screenprinted onto a quality white cotton t-shirt. Double Vision Print is in RED / GREEN and RED BLACK GREEN ink. 
punk t-shirts are all printed inside out with seams showing. 

All of our punk stuff is made individually, by the hand of Debden. Since 1970's. As each item is unique you may find ink splats as part of the design. Ooh you're so punk. 


Size and Measurements

Chest: 36” /92cm

(armpit to armpit 19”)

Length: 27”



Chest:  38”/97cm

(armpit to armpit 21”)

Length:  29”

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