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Seditionaries, London Punk

Cambridge Rapist / Gimp Mask Tshirt

Brian Epstein photo inset, Text Reads.."It's been a hard day's night"

"Brian Epstein..found dead Aug. 27th 1967 after taking part in sado-masochistic practices. Loneliness ...S&M made him feel at home. Evidence of drug use was produced at the inquest. Coroners Verdict: accidental death. Brian Epstein was aged 32 and manager of the Beatles pop group..

Hand screenprinted by Debden in London... with a black, green, pink ink mix


Available Sizes and measurements:

(armpit to armpit 23" across)
Length: 30"

Extra Large
Chest: 44"/46"
(armpit to armpit 25" across)
Length: 31"

Chest: 46"/48"
(armpit to armpit 27" across)
Length: 32"



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