Leopard Print T-shirt - Orange Black


Sizing and Measurements Guide

Seditionaries, Kings Road, Westwood London PUnk Style

LEOPARD /Animal print T-SHIRT

Hand Screen Printed in colours - BLACK/BRIGHT PINK or BLACK/BRIGHT ORANGE

Note before buying:-Typical "rough punk print" -with a few ink splashes/smudges here and there!
INSIDE OUT – all punk T-shirts are printed ‘inside out’ with seams showing. Your Punk item is likely to have ink smudge/splats as part of the design, each garment is unique, lucky you.

 Loose Fit Style T-Shirt

Sizes & Measurements:-

Chest: 42" / 104cm
(armpit to armpit 25")
Length: 31"

Chest: 40" / 102cm
(armpit to armpit 22"/56cm)
Length: 30"/76cm

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