I groaned with pain... Seditionaries SEX - Punk Text T-shirt XS 32"-34"


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Punk Rock Sex

Sex Text Print T-shirt. 


   " I groaned with pain as

   he eased the pressure in 
   removing the thing which
   has split me and then,
   his huge hands grasping
   me at the hips my blonde
   hair forming a pool on the
   dark wood between his feet,
   he raised me to doting love
   soothing the bleeding lips
   and causing the tearing
   commotion at my lions to
   subside in a soft corrosion " 

Hand Screenprinted onto a quality white cotton t-shirt. Print is in RED and FLUORESCENT PINK ink. 

punk t-shirts are all printed inside out with seams showing. 



Size and Measurements

Extra Small
Chest: 32" -34"
Short Length: 23.5"

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