Gladys SCUM Seditionaries SEX Erotic Text T-shirt


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Oh Gladys

Punk Rock Sex  Erotic Text Print T-shirt.


She felt the seed stir at the pit
of her belly in response to the
strong tonguing movements
_________ Glady's hand now 
pushed forward on Doreen's
superb buttocks so that she
could drink deeper at the well
of her desire. " 

In black and red ink. Screenprinted by hand onto a quality white cotton t-shirt.

As each item is handscreen printed individually, print designs may vary, and you may find some ink smudging . Ooh you're so punk. 


Size and Measurements

XSm Petit
Chest 32" /81cm
(armpit to armpit: 17")
Short Length:  22" /56cm

Chest:  36" /92cm
(armpit to armpit 19")
Short Length:  23"  /59cm

(out of stock - message to order)

Chest: 40" /102cm
(armpit to armpit 23")
Sleeve Length: 6"
Length: 30" /76cm

(out of stock - message to order)

Chest: 44" /112cm
(armpit to armpit 27")
Length: 32" /81cm

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