Destroy - Seditionaries Punk Button-up Shirt


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Office Anarchist...


"Destroy" Anti-establishment punk print, on the reverse of a quality cotton (Van Heusen) button-up shirt. Cufflink fasten cuffs. 

As worn by Johnny Rotten / Vivienne Westwood in the 1970's...


Printed in black, red, green, yellow ink.  

 All our Punk stuff is hand printed by Debden. Your item is likely to have ink splats all over as part of the design, lucky you.  

Each item is unique, so be quick! Once it's been snapped up, there's no more, and we don't want you to cry. 


Size and measurements:

X-Large Size

Chest: 48”

Length: 30”

Collar: 16.5"

Sleeve Length: 22"

 Fit: Loose 


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