Anarchist Shirt - Karl Marx Punk button-up- Large 40" Col 16"


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"Give Me Danger" ... Anarchist Shirt

Classic Punk Anarchist button-up shirt. As worn by the Sex Pistols, Vivienne Westwood

Punk re-worked quality vintage shirt (Yve St Laurent). Cotton, cufflink fasten cuffs. 

Hand bleached and ink striped with multi anarchist patch shirt. Featuring the NSDAP eagle on collar.


PuNk Queen postage Stamp (Queen with severed head)

print in Black on back of shirt

Ink is blue, red with pink fluorescent highlights.  

Each shirt is entirely unique. All our Punk stuff is printed by Debden. Your Punk item is likely to have ink splats as part of the design, lucky you.  

 Available Sizes and measurements:

Large Size

Chest: 40”

(armpit to armpit 23")

Collar 16"

Length: 31”

Sleeve Length: (armpit to cuff) 21"


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