Chaos Skull Punk Black T-Shirt - Multi-Print XL42"


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Classic Punk Print:

Chaos. With anarchy 'A', and skull and crossbones. Multi-print T-shirt 

Printed in white ink onto a quality black cotton t-shirt. 

INSIDE OUT - all our punk items are turned 'inside out', then hand screen printed, with the seams showing. As each item is made individually there are likely to be ink splats/smudges here and there as part of the design. See Photos. 

All our punk items are hand screenprinted by Debden in London, using the same PuNk screens since the late 1970's .. 


Available Sizes and Measurements:


Chest: 44"
(armpit to armpit 25")


Sleeve Length: 6.5”

 Fit: Loose

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