Anarchy In The UK T-Shirt -Pistols Punk Union Jack Flag Unisex Tee


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S*x_Pistols  Punk Flag T-SHIRT 

"Anarchy in the UK" - The Punk Rock Union Jack  - Small Flag Version

Hand-printed by Debden in London. In BLUE, BLACK AND RED INK onto a quality WHITE cotton t-shirt.

Sizes and Measurements 

Small  loose fit     

Chest 36"/38"

(armpit to armpit 20")

Length:  27"

Medium loose fit    

Chest: 38"/40"

(armpit too armpit 21")

Length:  28"

Large loose fit    

Chest: 40"/42"

(armpit too armpit 23")

Length:  30"

Extra Large loose fit    

Chest: 42"/44"

(armpit too armpit 25")

Length:  31"

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