Seditionaries Sid Vicious Punk T-shirt - Friends of Vicious - Chaos Riot print


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Seditionaries, Kings Road, London punk

Sid Vicious Punk T-shirt

"Friends of Vicious" - with Sid's hand print on bottom right hand side of shirt

Chaos, Riot and Pilaging print....

Hand Screenprinted in Black and Light Blue ink onto a quality white quality cotton t-shirt,  by Debden.

As each item is made individually there may be ink splats as part of the design, Lucky you.  


Size and Measurements:

Extra Small

Chest: 34"
(armpit to armpit 18")
Length:  24"

Fit:  Loose



Chest:  36"
(armpit to armpit 19")
Length:  27"

Fit:  Loose



Chest:  40"
(armpit to armpit 23")
Length: 30”

 Fit: Loose

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